My First FPS: Chex Quest / by charles desrochers

I’ve been working at a gaming company during the holidays and all of the conversations with my fellow nerds got me thinking: What was the most underrated game I’ve ever played?


I’ve been playing games my whole life and while I tend to shy away from RPG’s and MMOG’s these days I still hold fast that I am in fact a gamer. But, regrettably, I was never much of a PC gamer besides other than Counter Strike and Diablo and I skipped the SNES so I missed many first person shooters. Doom? Not until I emulated it. Duke Nukem? Way too vulgar for my parents to let me play and also, kind of a shitty game.

I thought for a long time that my first foray into FPS was Golden Eye, like a lot of people, and I loved it so much that I followed the development team into the Time Splitters series.

I still think that those games are some of the most underrated games ever made and worthy successors to Golden Eye and Perfect Dark but it reminded me that they weren’t the first FPS I ever played. That distinction belongs to a little PC game I found at the bottom of a cereal box.

Chex Quest was such a weird game in the sense that it was a free game developed for a children’s cereal that was fucking SOLID. I’d even venture to say, if nostalgia serves me right, that it was the best game made for any restaurant, snack or soda. I can’t think of a better one. while everyone from Dominoe’s Pizza, Seven Up and McDonalds were making shitty platformer games for the SNES and Genesis (that still costs as much as a normal game) fucking Chex Cereal released a First Person Shooter for the PC and gave it away in the boxes!

It had multiple weapons, including a SPORK(!), a semblance of a story and levels that you could tell the designers actually gave a shit about. Sure, it was a Doom knock off but for something you discovered while eating breakfast I’d say it was a pretty sweet deal, which is saying a lot because chex isn’t sweet at all.