Top 10 Men With Derek Jeter's Herpes / by charles desrochers

I was hanging with my mates and with Mo having just retired this past season our conversation found its way to the topic of Derek Jeter, who seems to be limping to the end of his career. So to honor El Capitan I thought I’d publish some articles here and there on his most lasting legacy, herpes.

Derek Jeter has enough sex to buy Penicillin by the tub from Costco. Derek Jeter has so much sex that a Macy’s was opened across the hall from his apartment because it had such good foot traffic. Derek Jeter has dated enough women to fill the roster of a very entertaining show about models and actresses trying to survive in the conflict region of the Congo and those women have unsurprisingly continued to date.

In the next couple of weeks I’ll release my top ten list of men with Derek Jeter’s herpes, in no particular order. 

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