Merry Something or Other / by charles desrochers

It's xmas and for the first time in a few years I find myself back home with old friends and family. In all honesty most of my days are spent shuttling myself from one event or lunch to another as I try to fit in all that I can in the short time that I have but ultimately it's a pleasure.

I'm originally from the east coast and when I come back I find that my Web has gotten bigger with every passing day. Today I find myself kn the express train to New York and in a few days I'll be in boston, this is fer spending time in Vermont and my home state of Connecticut. I find more to do in these visits then I ever did while I loved hete but I suppose that's because I'm older, my tastes have changed and enough time has passed to give my friends wings of their own and find their own lives in these great cities. 

I'm going to be depressed when I head back to Los Angeles but hat will pass and soon enough I'll find myself falling in love with that city all over again, which is an affair I'm looking forward to. The New Year always has that effect and though it'll come to be that the world, whether it be mine or anyone else's,  doesn't change over night it will be that only at this time next year will I appreciate any progress, personal or otherwise hat I've made. Still, I'm looking forward to it.

I've been thinking and back logging some more dumb videos while I'm here. I've also been writing several shorts but to be honest at least one is turning out to be anything but. So I guess I'm going to write a novel,  which is something I never thought I would ever say.

Anyways, Happy whatever!