The Koreatown KFC / by charles desrochers

For anyone who's driven down Western Avenue, through the corridor that takes you from the bustling Latino community of East Hollywood to the near otherworldly Koreatown, chances are you've seen this building.

I mean, it's hard to miss it. Just look at that thing. Like... What the fuck?

My first thought was that the infamous Western KFC was originally some sort of modern gallery, with it's swooping curves and abrupt edges all congealed in one structure, that had fallen on hard times before like many things in Los Angeles was abandoned and filled with a fast food restaurant. Turns out though that once again my pessimism was wrong.

Designed by Jeffrey Daniels and completed in the early 90's, this strange big breasted and tall building (nearly towering over its neighbors) was always meant to be a KFC.  From my car I could never tell but looking at it from the far side I see it now. It's a chicken with the body of bucket of wings (which has a meta sort of macabre to itself when you think about it).

Under the tutelage of Frank O. Gehry (who is a staple of Los Angeles Architecture and will be designing the new LA River Walk), Daniels was able to develop his possibly more form than function taste. But you can't help but admire the amount of commitment that must go into designing such bombastic buildings and can only imagine a city where the half chicken bucket/ half chicken buildings were the norm. 

I forgot where I heard this from but it's like in the 90's they thought the future was going to be far more futuristic. 

Much of his work since the KFC has been residential with a few public space jobs here and there but I strongly suggest checking out his website.

Clearly the designs didn't catch but you can only think of what kind of weird "Demolition Man" type world we'd live in it it did.