If you were a fan of Batman in the 90’s then Harley Quinn should hold a special place in your heart. Quinn made her first appearance in Batman, The Animated Series as the sidekick and apparent love interest to The Joker and has since become a fan favorite and regular in both the comics and video games. (Check out Mad LoveIt was so good it convinced Kevin Smith’s wife to name their daughter after the character.)

It’s a shame that her only stint in live action was in the short lived series Birds of Prey on the WB as the main antagonist, but calling it anything other than a shit show is a disservice to shit shows everyone. I’d like to think that if Christopher Nolan had the opportunity to bring Joker back into his movies he would have definitely had her play an enormous role, as her backstory is that she was Joker’s psychological evaluator working at Arkham who slowly (and deeply) fell in love with our clown man.

Quinn was created by the prolific Paul Dini, who’s contributions to Batman canon via the cartoon include Quinn, many of the Batman Beyond storylines and the backstory to Mr. Freeze (If you haven’t seen Heart of Ice then I don’t know what to do with you, seriously, call out of work). While her relationship with ‘Mr. J’ on the surface seems to be an abusive one in which the joker, strikes her, berates her around and gives her little to no recognition, Dini has said that he likes to think that their lives behind closed doors are quite the opposite.

Batman may best The Joker mentally and physically but Harley is the only character in the DC world that could reduce such a raving sociopath to a pile of rubbery mushy emotional goop, which is a hell of an anti-hero to put on the big screen.

Quinn currently appears in the comic series Suicide Squad and will get her own run soon but who would best play Harley Quinn if she were to ever make it to film?

I think you’d be hard to find someone who can play both the bat shit insane and playful seductress side of Quinn quite as well as Allison Brie would.

As Annie in Community she regularly gets to fly off the handle while wearing very well fitting sweaters and I’d like to think that she could find that sweet spot of crazy between self-aware and completely unhinged. As Trudy Campbell in Mad Men, especially in this last season, we got to see what Brie would bring to a relationship that was a little less than perfect. Don’t worry, there’s no spoilers here but let’s just say she gets her man in line.

Dye her hair blonde and you’d have everything you need to make a perfect Harley Quinn: gorgeous, intelligent, nuts and stupid in love).