I’m going to keep this one short because I admittedly don’t know much about the overall history of Animal Man but The New 52 version of this character, which depicts him as a reformed hero, acting in Hollywood with his wife and daughter, is a MIND FUCK!!!!!

Basically Animal Man is a guy that can posses the powers of nearby animals and the current storyline centers on his daughter possessing something called The Red, which gives her the power to reanimate animals (?), and they’re hunted by The Huntsmen Three from this thing called The Black and for some reason they have to get Swamp Things help…

One second my nose is bleeding.

Okay, we’re good. Holy shit! That is a cluster fuck of a storyline and I want it to be made! At the very least it’s a family drama and at most it has MOTHER FUCKING SWAMP THING FUCKING IN IT!!!!!


One of the great things about this character is that he’s pretty much an open slate for any actor old enough to play a dad. We all know Norman Reedus as Daryl from The Walking Dead and the Boondock Saints franchise. He’s great, and if the second season of ‘Dead’ is any indication of him being a gruff son of a bitch with a subtle undertone of being caring and nurturing then he can knock it out of the park.