I wanted to save this one for last because while it would make an awesome movie simply having these teenage superheroes confined to just an hour and a half is far too little screen time. 

The Teen Titans, specifically the New Teen Titans under Tim Drake (The third Robin and now Red Robin) need their own TV show. I know they had their run as an animated series and even though I was in High School at the time I still loved it but even that series didn’t do them justice. This would be DC’s perfect answer to Marvel/Disney’s Agents of Shield. 

Rather than gambling a big budget movie on names only true fans have heard of we would get to see a well-paced and well balanced introduction of some of DC’s best young characters. Keep in mind also that because the TItan’s themselves come from every corner of the DC Universe we can also see some of the more fringe characters that we would never get to otherwise.

The current roster includes Tim Drake (Red Robin), Superboy, Wondergirl, Kid Flash, Bunker, Solstice. Older versions of the heroes has included Starfire, Zatana, Speedy, Jason Todd, Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy and Nightwing.

The possibilities for this being one of the most fun series on TV are endless if it’s written well and the source material is respected. I can’t imagine Warner Bros. not strongly considering bringing this series on after the success of Arrow and immediate success of AOS.