One of my favorite characters from The New 52 is a Talon, a reanimated assassin from the superb Court of Owls storyline, and he would be an excellent superhero for the big screen. Technically, he’s a zombie and unlike the likes of Nightwing (acrobatics), Red Robin (highly functioning sociopath genius) or many of the heroes in the Batman Universe characters, he’s not a protege of the Dark Knight.

Just like Dick Grayson, Talon’s talent comes from his time with Haley’s Circus but as an escape artist and not aerialist. He’s been reanimated a couple of times so he comes from a time when the whole Houdini schtick was actually a viable form of entertainment. After the circus he was trained in the deadly art of killing people very quietly by the league of underground assassins called The Court of Owls, which is a secret society that controls Gotham. 


What makes Talon a worthwhile character is that he was a bad guy once upon a time, a pretty bad guy. But of course, he reaches a breaking point with his morals where he decides he can no longer carry out the Court’s assignments. So, now we’re left with a reanimated 1920’s escape artist fighting the secret organization of assassins he once worked for in order to make amends for his past. 

I’m sold.

Talon tends to be depicted as somewhat of an older character so the actor playing him would have to have a certain amount of grit to him and be able to pull off a hell of a 5 O’Clock shadow. 

If you’ve ever seen Justified or Deadwood chances are you think Timothy Olyphant is one of the coolest dudes in the room, because he is. 

Personally I’d pay good money to see Raylan Givens don superhero garb and punch bad dudes in the face but I honestly think that this is a perfect fit.