Nick Lachey

Forget 98°, Nick Lachey has 0 degrees of separation to Derek Jeter’s Herpes (just let that pun wash over you like a warm sea breeze for a second).

Now married to El Capitan’s ex, Vanessa Minnillo, Lachey is the only member on this list that has the pleasure of not only living with his own little piece of Jeter’s genital funk but also his wife’s. I can only assume that when they’re together in the bedroom there’s a lot of clutch hitting.

Lachey reached his apex of popularity when he married teen starlet Jessica Simpson and starred in The Newlyweds, a show that arguably started the trend of watching really annoying couples sitting around the house. During this stretch his talent of humoring and having sex with an incredibly attractive young blonde despite her learning disability gave Lachey the cache (Oh that one felt good!) to, um… do things?

He hasn’t been up to much, unlike Simpson, who’s made a career out of getting pregnant then losing her baby weight, then getting pregnant and failing to lose the baby weight only to release a line of clothes for women who couldn’t lose the baby weight.

The Ohio native was also the lead singer (I guess?) of the boy band 98°, who were apparently popular enough to make grown ass men sing their songs in the shower to this day.