Justin Timberlake

Almost there with the Top Ten Men Who Have Derek Jeter’s Herpes.

Second to last is singer/actor Justin Timberlake. Justin lands on our list because of his marriage to Jessica Biel, who dated The Yankees captain in 2006-2007.

Starting as the lead singer of N’Sync, Timberlake has made a modest acting career for himself, starring in David Fincher’s Social Network and Alpha Dogs, a movie people pretend is one of their favorites but in reality haven’t seen in 10 years. This past summer Timberlake released his third album 20/20 (As in, “I should have never done Runner, Runner. I guess hindsight is 20/20).”

The album had relative success copying the sounds of Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings as well as Raphael Saadiq but lost the numbers game to Daft Punk copying Chic and Robin Thicke ripping off Marvin Gaye. Just goes to show you that if you’re going to plagiarize you might as well go for the throat.