The Killzone franchise is a Playstation exclusive first person shooter title that’s about- get this, it’s really cool- space marines! That’s so innovative and refreshing that I can hardly keep myself from jumping out of my seat and running circles shirtless shouting, “DRY LAND EXISTS!”

Yeah. There have been 6 of these games between the Playstation 2, 3, 4 and Vitas. The games are okay and at one point I was a big fan but the major problem with these titles is that there was no reason to continue them in the first place.

The first Killzone came out and was branded as a FP experience that would push the PS2 to its absolute limits. Now that’s all well and good in 2004 when the gold standard for the genre was still Rare developed games likeTime SplittersGolden Eye and Perfect Dark but when Killzone 2 came out 5 years later for the PS3 the market was utterly flooded with the likes of Call of DutyGears of War and Battlefield

Despite all of this, Killzone 2 sold an impressive 2.6 million units but rather than releasing a title every year like its competitors, Sony and developer Guerilla Games chose to release every 2 years, which doesn’t seem like a long wait until you consider that in the time it took Guerilla to release 3 Killzones, including Shadows FallCall of Duty released 5 titles plus dozens of DLC packs. 

Killzone: Shadow Fall is set to sell 450,000 units its first week but that is nothing in comparison to the 2.8 MILLION(!!!!) units that Call of Duty: Ghosts is set to sell for the PS3 alone. And the numbers aren’t even low based on the lower numbers of consoles because there are over 700,000 units ofGhosts pre-ordered for the PS4. 

I’m all for having variety in games but can we be honest for a moment? First Person Shooters are the least innovative thing to happen to video games since the Virtual Boy. 

Every single time there’s a Battlefield or COD it’s just more environments with indistinguishable amounts of brown where you shoot people. They sell well, and I buy them, but to be still trying to compete with these monster titles at this point is an exercise in futility. Why can’t Guerilla develop a decent Character Action game or, hell, a side-scrolling platformer for a fraction of the money? If they still release it as a launch title like they have in the past then it won’t have its numbers gouged by two games that are exactly the same. 

So in honor of the genre’s cathartic kill happy violence and the developers refusal to give up despite insurmountable odds, The Killzone Series should go down in a haze of smoke and bullets like the end of The Wild Bunch.