There can be an argument to kill almost every game franchise out right now so of course this list has been my opinion, which I’ve tried to bolster with sales figures, market dilution, etc. 

Pool Nation on the other hand really has no earthly reason to exist. 

This is a pool game made for PS3 and will probably be made for PS4 and my only thought is, “Why?”

Why the fuck would you waste money on this when you could just as easily go to a pool hall and fucking play pool for less money than it costs to buy the game?! Are people so afraid of face to face interaction that they can’t even bring themselves to drive 15 minutes, spend a couple of hours drinking beers, shooting pool and having some yuks? That has to be the least scary scenario I’ve ever heard of.  I bet the people who buy this game are the same people that order their groceries online.

Pool Nation needs to be brought to a bar in a remote Mexican border town only to find out it’s a vampire feeding ground.