Holy Shit. Where do I begin? Epic Mickey was a giant letdown. Disney Infinity was a shameless cash grab and don’t even get me started on the endless fucking line of absurdly shitty games based on their movies. In the end there is only one game involving Disney that we actually want…


Before I get spammed to hell I just want to write that this is only concerning Next-Gen games and on. Yes, we all loved Aladdin on the SNES and Genesis and even the Lion King was pretty ballin’ but it’s been a couple of decades since the quality of movie games have been that good so slow your fuckin’ role.

Now I know KOH 3 is coming out for PS4 and X-Bone, and I am more than pumped, but the fact that KOH came out in 2002 and we’re only on the third installment is a crime against humanity. In what world is it okay to pump out cash grabs like COD and Assassin’s Creed every year and not try to take out money on this title?

It could be like Zelda where each game is more or less the same gameplay, and just like Zelda I wouldn’t care because I fucking love the idea of smashing Final Fantasy 7 with Disney characters that god damned much!

I know this is a Square Enix title but come on, Disney! Get your shit together and make more of these types of games. So, until they can get off their asses and make fun games again they get to live and watch their loved ones slowly die.