Pregirlfriend by charles desrochers

This is a special one. Here's a podcast I did about 3 years ago with two of my best friends who I've known for almost 20 years. Some of it's topical but it's certainly a trip to listen to now and I hope you guys enjoy listening to it half as much as I do. 

TMNT w/ Gabs by charles desrochers

We take a break from our string of great movies this week so we can all have a moment to scream obscenities into a pillow because of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014). Gabs is back for this installment where we dismantle one of the latest reboots but we don't bother putting it back together at the end; We just leave it in a pile on the floor and walk away. 


Batman and Robin by charles desrochers

Not until today had I noticed the tire fire burning in the background of my life until re-watching Batman & Robin, a movie that I not only liked but loved when I was younger, and a movie that is so bad it borders on performance art. Gabby joins me in this camp-tastic take on the caped crusader.

Left Behind w/ Molly by charles desrochers

What can we say about This movie other than you should watch it so you know what a bad movie looks like, sort of like studying Charles' Barkley's golf swing to know what not to do. Molly is back for a Revenge Week special as we check out Jesus freaky rapture film Left Behind staring former child star Kirk Cameron as a baby man trying to save an alternate universe Earth where a flight attendant can make the easy transition to UN Associate. 

Momcast: The Quiet Man by charles desrochers

My mom was in town so I gave her the revenge week. We talked about one of her favorites, John Ford's The Quiet Man, starring John Wayne on our way up the PCH. Along the way we discuss gratuitous boobie shots, pulling women through the streets by their hair for five miles and the IRA. 

Night of The Comet by charles desrochers

This week Gabs and I dipped into the VHS bin and watched the wonderful Night of The Comet, which is half Valley Girl, a quarter Day of The Dead, quarter Road Warrior. We find out which Ninja Turtle we are, how Norm from Cheers would fair in the same situation and how fast can Gabriella learn to fly a helicopter.

Reading: Live! by charles desrochers

Here's the first of what I hope is many table reads we do at iO West. This month was Fear and Loathing in Suburbia by Jon Goldberg. This unaired half hour comedy pilot is like the twisted and dark TGIF sitcom you always wanted about two estranged brothers realizing that life in the suburbs are far more strange than they are boring. 

Star Wars by charles desrochers

We're changing it up a little this week. To go along with the Star Wars convention, all of the big news coming out about the Ja-jabrams movie soon to release and all of the original movies being released for digital download we decided to check out not only the original trilogy but the prequels as well, in one sitting. So four bottles of wine later, two bags of chips, a pint of ice cream and a chicken later we got through and watched all 15 hours of Star Wars and recorded it because raisins.