Kirby's Dreamland: Everything has a use, even the parasol

So I’m playing through Kirby again last night trying to get 100% (turns out to not be that hard) and I get stuck cornered by a bunch of baddies and even more are coming down. I can suck up the ones in front of me but that only take care of so many of them. I’m going to be cornered pretty soon regardless of those fuckers who are raining death from above. That’s when I see the dude with the umbrella. A few seconds later I was standing victorious atop a pile of corpses, smearing their blood on my face so that I could retain their warriors souls and screaming a battle cry to warn my future enemies of their impending doom.

Okay, they popped into little stars and Kirby just stood there blinking. 

Kirby was an amazing game for the simple fact that it was easy to play and easier to understand. See a guy, suck him up, get his power and continue (wow that was a really gay sentence).

Everyone’s got their favorite ability in the game and I’m sure theres’s one or two that really piss people off (WHEEEEEEEEEELLLLL!!!!!!!) but there is always an application for them. Even something as unassuming as a Parasol can help me fuck up a whole lot of baddies. The life lesson being that one is never without resources and it only takes a little bit of ingenuity and strategy to MacGyver that shit and come up with a solution.