Mega Man: The closest Ladder is rarely the right one

If there’s two things I’ve learned from Mega Man it’s these: Metal Man’s saw blades are the shit and that when you’re presented with two options always go with the one that seems harder.

If you’ve played Mega Man then you know exactly what I’m talking about. See, the design of the levels are usually so that you pop into a room and there will be three ladders, or holes, or whatever. The last two are behind some baddies while the first ladder is right fucking there. You don’t have time for this shit so you take closest one.

You think you’re such hot shit because you’re not one of those suckers that’s going to waste their time. Well, turns out it took you to was a life refill that you didn’t need and now you have to go back to take the third ladder. Fail.

Moral of the story? Suck it up and take the harder way, it turns out right in the end.

Thanks, Mega Man.