The first costume I have any memory of wearing on Halloween was Darkwing Duck. My mom made the costume and even bought a fedora and died it purple to make it as authentic as possible. It was the shit. I looked so legit with my purple overcoat and gold buttons that people couldn’t help but declare me the winner of Halloween for the rest of eternity. It was so good that I wore the same outfit ever year until a growth spurt made it impossible for me to wear anymore. 

After that it was all ninja costumes, because it’s hard to top Darkwing Duck.

Set in the same universe as its predecessor DucktalesDarkwing Duckfollows Drake Mallard, a mild mannered duck by day and crime fighting ego maniac by night. Darkwing Duck is James Bond meets Batman meets chinese dinner on Christmas (duck). Utilizing gadgets, a motorcycle designed after Judge Dredd’s Lawmaster bike, and a freaking plane shaped like a duck’s head, this dude would encounter the bizarre cavalcade of villains usually reserved for the pages of a comic book and do his fair share of bumbling before getting the win.

My personal favorite was MegaVolt. He was funny, endearing, and just evil enough to be a worthwhile villain week in and week out.

Funny story: My mom had to cut the plug off of my action figure’s head so I wouldn’t try shoving it into the outlets, which I totally get now.

If I’m going to be honest here I’d have to admit that this is a shameful ripoff of Batman: The Animated Series, but with ducks. And, you know what? I don’t give a fuck. Batman was so tits that I’ll watch anything that tries to copy that golden beacon of pop-culture. In fact…

Now, if you put Darkwing Duck up against bringing back Batman: The Animated Series of course I would go with the Bats but their new series Beware The Batman just started up so we’ll see how that stacks up. My guess is not very well, and the reason for that is that WB doesn’t trust that an adult audience will find the show so most of their iterations of the character outside of the video games has been catered to 11-year-olds who don’t typically understand the beautiful tragedy of a storyline like Heart of Ice.

What show was better, Darkwing Duck or Ducktales?