Let’s all take a moment and remember our favorite moments from this show…

Okay, done. What made this the perfect coming-of-age type cartoon in the vein of Fat Albert was that the storylines were so relatable for its generation. Each story was just grounded in reality and the folklore that comes with being a kid, whether it be: That tough kid no one knows anything about…

The friend who had the coolest room you’d ever seen.

Or the fact that it was set in New York rather than some bullshit made up town (sorry gotham).

Specifics escape me at the moment but every saturday morning and every weekday afternoon I tuned into to watch it. I can’t think of any laugh out loud moments and when I think about it now the show would actually be a little slow but that in and of itself is the reason why it needs to comeback. 

It didn’t rely on pratfalls or obscure references but it was engaging on its own merits because it was hitting such familiar themes and for all I know it was my first exposure to a more mature style of storytelling. Not to mention that because it was set in a New York City tenement it had the chance to included a really diverse cast.

Now I know I’ve said this show avoided all of the typical styles of humor that a lot of cartoons at the time were hitting on but that doesn’t mean the show wasn’t funny. It was my kind of funny. Awkward funny. I’d pull up some videos for you here but apparently Youtube hasn’t embraced this show like some of the others I’ve talked about so you’re going to have to check them out on your own.