I’ll kick this list off with my favorite animated series of all time.

Samurai Jack was the story of a samurai who while battling an evil intergalactic wizard was thrown into the distant future where the wizard ruled with an iron fist. It ran for 4 seasons with no real finale and I’ve missed it ever since.


From Creator Gendy Tartakovsky, who’s best known for making awesome shit like Dexter’s Lab, The Powerpuff Girls and Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Jack was a show that in my eyes was damn near perfect.

I don’t even know where to start considering all of the things that made this show so god damn amazing. It had the best choreography and action I’ve seen from an American cartoon and the ease in which it moved from comedic to dramatic themes was effortless. This was one of those series that was constantly trying to outdo itself and explore new territories of storytelling. One episode would be an anthology of fairytales told by children while the next would be Jack investigating a haunted house with animation so bizarre that you’d find yourself actually jolted.

The crew was also martial artists in their own right so they would incorporate styles like Wushu, Greco-Roman wrestling and horseback archery from Mongolia and sometimes those would all be in the same scene. With voice over from Phil Lamar, who’s performed VO on pretty much every show worth talking about, and the late Mako Jack had some of the most solid sound engineering I’ve ever heard. It was the first series I watched that effectively used silence in almost all of its episode.

I mean, name anything that you like about not just Animated shows but TV in general and there was an episode of Jack that used it masterfully. Normally I’d say to check it out but that’s an understatement. Watch it. Love it. Buy it. Let it envelope you like the womb. This show was the tits and your life isn’t fulfilled until you watch every episode.