I’m not really sure how I missed this.

 For those that don’t remember it because you were doing something silly like playing outside or enjoying family dinner, Reboot was one of the first CG shows and it centered on a group of AI’s who exist in a game console.

Every week their user would play a new game and they in turn would have to beat him to avoid being deleted. You’d think that the characters would just avoid the games but the “game board,” being a giant cube, descends on their city and, again, if the user wins the entire portion of the city that was enveloped is destroyed.

This is all well and good for a nice Saturday morning cartoon but what really set it apart was the endless satire and parody the show would do on videogame and pop culture. It’s a shame that the series isn’t around now as video game sails are eclipsing the billion dollar range on some titles and the fervor that comes with the release of these new consoles there is a lot to be said about today’s climate. There’s always talks of bringing it back and I guess that’s why I didn’t include it before but regardless it needs to come back in a big way.

Here’s the multiple episode Daemon Rising. Enjoy.