Back in the 90’s (and sort of still) the weird show to watch was Ren & Stimpy but, and this is admitting a lot, I didn’t fucking get that show. I’d watch the show and by about minute 15 I would be completely lost. I understood the cheek piercing satire and the vanity vs. loyalty themes but even now I can’t watch that damn show. It was weird for the sake of being weird so I said fuck it.

Enter Rocko’s Modern Life.

What made this show different from R&S was that Rocko played it straight. He was the Bob Newhart in this world that was basically an artists interpretation of a 4 year-olds day if that artist was also tripping his balls off. It's not everyday that you can find those kind of levels in a cartoon of any kind. Typically the main character is the wackiest because that's presumed to be what children like. We want to follow the idiot to see what they're going to fall over, but not in Rocko's Modern Life. Instead we got to see one of the craziest worlds outside of Ren & Stimpy.