Sweet Sassy Molase: 5 Days Left / by charles desrochers

It’s been a while since the last post but that has mostly to do with the runs getting longer and the free-time shrinking. My last long run was 17 miles, running from the Valley almost all the way to the beach and back, cutting through the backyards of the wealthy and secluded before running back the 8 or so miles back.

The 5 mile runs aren’t anything to write home about anymore (get it?), which is encouraging in terms of keeping some kind of regimen up after the race. The longer runs on the other hand aren’t getting better. I look at my phone and it says that I set a few personal records for 5K, 5, 10, 15 miles and all of the segments other people have put on the app, but it doesn’t feel any easier. It feels like hot dog shit. Hot, steaming “rover ate too many grapes,” dog shit.

If I had to say what the main difference between now and 2011 is, other than the aches and pains, is how fast I sweat. Seriously. It’s a fucking problem.

On my last long run I went through 3 liters of water, stopping to fill the Camelback 5 times at every possible water fountain and hose along the way. But sure enough, my shirt was drenched and my sweat had run dry by the last half-a-mile-long climb. It’s been hot in Los Angeles.

With the race less than a week away I think the first thing I need to focus on is how to get my electrolytes up, whether that means pounding coconut waters, mixing some gatorade into my Camelback or eating pure salt. I’m going to have to figure it out or else I’m going to run out of steam.

Speaking of which, concern #2 is bonking. It’s been happening more and more, but I think that I can get around that with gel packs and a few carbs the night before.

The carb load isn’t ideal though, because I don’t want to shit my pants.