Not That Bad: 39 Days Left / by charles desrochers

Mondays are my short run. I’ll take a route up a few hills, then to the park, which itself is a giant hill. I tend to gravitate towards hill runs because my short thick legs can push my body up a hill better than it can speed up on the flat ground.

I’ve gotten pretty good at these 3-mile runs. Almost every time is a new PR and I feel better and better at the ends. In a perfect world the marathon would be 27 little 3 mile runs pieced together and bracketed by a sandwich bag of oranges.

Even though I feel good about the runs getting easier and easier I know it’s fool’s gold of sorts. I’m still licking my wounds from giving up on my 7 mile run this past Saturday and I’m not looking forward to the sequel this week. We’ll see what the better diet does but in the mean time I’m feeling pretty good.

Weight loss Update 1:

Today marked the first day in 9 months since I’ve been at 205. Maybe one or two days I got close, waking up after a vodka bender to see that I’m a svelte 206 on account of the dehydration, but the hang overs never let me celebrate for very long. I honestly expected the weight to just fall off of me but I completely forgot running makes you hungryevery waking moment of their day. I wake up, I’m hungry. I go to work, I’m hungry. I’m eating, I’m hungry. Today alone I’ve eaten 2 sushi rolls, a half pound of walnuts, a handful of candy, and a breakfast scone, which is a normal scone that you have instead of breakfast because you’re a garbage person.

I’m hoping that by the time the marathon comes I’ll have figured some of this stuff out, but for now I’m just going to keep eating whatever is in my reach, feel incredible shame, and then go for a run. That’s healthy, right?