Talk About John Wick: 37 Days Left / by charles desrochers

Let’s get the running part out of the way.

I’m a day late because I had a major bout of depression and looking at one of my, now regular 5-mile, runs; I just didn’t want to. So I stayed in, had a drink, watched the Godfather with my lovely wife, and had a great time. I kind of realized that the more I do this the more time I’m taking away from her, and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing.

I don’t mean it in the “Oh she loves being with me. I’m so frickin’ great that who, but me, would she want to hang out with?”

I mean it more in the, “Holy shit I love this woman and why would I ever want to do anything other than be around her?”

We’re still newly weds.

But I told myself that I would run today and so I did.

My 5-mile loop was a little weird, in the sense that it was by bumper-to-bumper traffic for most of it. There’s a big concert venue along my running path and on particular nights there’s a line of cars that stretches the entire route, and today, was that. I kind of like ‘people watching’ when I drive, but doing it when you’re running is on a whole other level. I could smell the cigars from a Cadillac, the weed from a Honda, hear the R&B from a brand new Porsche, smell the weed from another Honda.

I felt guilty every time I stopped at a traffic light, because I wanted to get ready for this race, but at least it wasn’t boring.

Again, I forgot to turn my tracker on at the start of my run so I do'n’t know my real time. I’m waiting for my wife to get back from a class and can’t wait to just hang out.



John Wick is really fucking great.