Babies Babies Babies: 28 Days Left / by charles desrochers

I did it.

I did my first 10-mile-run of this training. As an added bonus my legs have been fucked for two days, so that’s fun.

The route I run is a pain in the ass- just as much up hill as anything. I want to hope that it’s going to get easier but with only two runs in I feel like it’s not. My route was a 5-mile out-and-back cutting from one part of the city to another, with so much terrain in between that if I get hurt then I’m still stuck having to get back to my car.

Unlike last time I planned ahead sufficiently and made sure to memorize the landmarks that I would pass. There’s nothing I hate more than being tired, panting, pushing my legs to move faster and then looking up to realize I have no idea where the hell I am on the trail. Being more prepared helped my lungs out a lot, but so did the edible I took at the beginning of the run. Until it didn’t, that is.

One of the reasons I like this trail so much is that every 2 miles there’s something new to it. The first chunk is all trails that overlook the suburbs, then the next is a wonderful winding dirt toad that slowly reveals the other half of the view. From there you get onto another path that is without a doubt the best stretch anywhere. There’s no tourists, no wannabe Instagram models and no fuck-boys trying to land an agent. Maybe because it’s basically in the backyards of wealthy houses that there’s just not a lot of people cutting through save for the occasional runner… like me!

The edible kicked in right around 3.5 miles, right when I crossed over the ridge to some pretty spectacular views. I was trying out a new running playlist from Spotify- the first time I’ve ran with music this training too- and I swear to god I fell asleep for a few seconds. At first the edible was really cool, literally. I felt the sweat on my forearms cooling me off as the breezes brushed up from the valleys below to hit my face. It was wonderful.

About 10 minutes later that all changed. Instead of being ‘in my head but out of the moment’ I was ‘in my head and trapped running this trail.’ Normally, I like to zone out and think of anything other than how much running sucks, but on this run my mind was going a mile a minute while also being paranoid to all hell that I was going to suffer some catastrophic injury in which I would have to drag myself back to my car, bleeding and wrecked.

Luckily that didn’t happen.

All the extra beats in my heart took some motivation out of me and what started as a enjoyable run with myself saying, “It’s okay, this is for fun,” turned in to “It’s okay, I’m going to die and then nothing will hurt ever again.”

I ended up ‘bonking’ pretty hard at mile 10 with still one more uphill mile left. Maybe I walked half or maybe I walked most of it. The truth is it was 102 degrees and I had been running already for 2 hours so my ego wasn’t going to get hurt by going a little light at the end.

The run wrecked me for most of the day but we had to visit some friends who just had their first child. The turn around from coming back from my run to leaving to see the baby was about 15 minutes, and my wife was asleep the whole time so I couldn’t even get any sympathy from her. When we got back I was fried, hopped up on holding babies, and ready for beer. Come Monday I caught the flu and had to take my 1st run of the week off, which is another first for this training too. I’ve been excellent about making myself go for these 3-a-week runs but with the flu I’m not going to take it easy.