Too Damn Hot: 41 Days Left / by charles desrochers

Just as I was starting to feel good about my progress, adding another 2 miles to my long run, the sun began to pierce through the air and bake my skin, sucking me dry.

What was supposed to be a simple 7-mile run around a lake stopped short at a 3 mile dehydrating trot. To be fair, I drank the night before, and to be even more fair I had a big breakfast. I couldn't tell you which one did me in more: the feeling that there was a ball of potatoes and eggs in my stomach that refused to let any water by like a bachelor party arguing with bouncer, or the need to quench my thirst along the sun drenched non-shaded running path.

Ultimately I LET myself stop and that can't happen again. I told myself that it was okay if, just this one time, I let up and go home to lick my wounds. On the plus side my legs feel great because they didn't have the extra work so I'm hoping Monday's run goes smoothly and I can make a sprint out of it.

The marathon being in the morning is going to be a problem considering all of my running is done at night and my mornings usually consist of shaking off cobwebs and fighting off the indigestion I seem to be getting more and more. I think the best thing for me is to have these 2-hour clunker runs over the next few weeks be in the AM so lets take a look at a few options I have for breakfast.

Option 1: No Breakfast

Not my favorite. The older I get the more I realize that my performance in anything has a lot to do with what I eat. Am I crabby at work? It's probably because I didn't eat breakfast. Am I dragging at 3 PM? That's probably because I didn't eat enough for lunch. Hell, I'm that guy in the office that has a whole drawer of mixed nuts, beef jerky and seaweed. I feel that if I don't eat something before these runs than I'm going to bonk out hard and fast. Those little losses of walking up a hill or worse, cutting a run early, is going to pile up until this marathon is completely out of my ability.

Option 2: The Hungry Man

This is what got me in trouble this week. I had two over hard eggs, a side of bacon and a side of home fries. It was all homemade at least but it still caused enough acid in my gut to give me some of the worst gerd I've ever had (basically acid reflux. Everything in your gut hurts and water doesn't help because it just crowds the bus that much more). I could try halving this meal but why risk another wasted Saturday run if that doesn't work.

Option 3: Leaf Eater Special

Green shake with fruits, veggies, and nut butter. I'm thinking this is going to work the best but we'll see. Ideally everything being blended and liquefied should just slide down my gut fast and easy. I'm not the type of person to fuss over the dogma of my food so if it's clean and tasty I'll eat anything, switching to a mostly plant based breakfast for the sake of fast absorption is fine.

Let's be honest, I also have to not drink the night before these runs. I'm pretty sure that with all things being equal a few cocktails and vodka sodas isn't how premier athletes gets ready. Or maybe they do? I don't know, but I'm definitely not a premier athlete so I'll stick with the shake for now.